Cambridge City Schools
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The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to procure the services of substitute classified staff in order to prevent the interruption of the operation of the schools.

The names of potential substitute personnel and the positions in which they may substitute shall be maintained by the District.

Relatives of staff members may be employed by the Board, provided the staff member being employed is not placed in a position in which s/he is supervised directly by the relative staff member.

Relatives of Board members may be employed by the Board, provided the member of the Board involved does not participate in any way in the discussion or vote.

The employment of substitute classified staff prior to approval by the Board is authorized when their employment is required to maintain continuity of services in the District.

Retroactive employment shall be recommended to the Board at the next meeting.

In order to retain reliable assistance in the absence of regular classified personnel, the Board will offer competitive compensation to qualified substitutes.

Classified substitutes will be paid on a per diem basis at a rate set annually by the Board.

Substitutes may be required to undergo a tuberculosis examination in accordance with law and at the direction of the Ohio Department of Health or the local health department.

Substitutes also must pass a background check performed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (see Policy 4121).

R.C. 2909.34, 3319.291, 3319.39

Revised 8/16/07
Revised 11/20/12

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