Caldwell Exempted Village School District
Bylaws & Policies
Table of Contents

5111Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Students
5111.01Homeless Students
5111.02Educational Opportunity for Military Children
5111.03Eligibility for Preschool Placement
5112Entrance Requirements
5112.01Early Admission
5113Inter-District Open Enrollment
5113.01Intra-District Open Enrollment
5113.02School Choice Options Provided by the No Child Left Behind Act
5114Nonimmigrant Students and Foreign-Exchange Students
5120Assignment Within District
5130Withdrawal from School
5131Student Transfers
5136Wireless Communication Devices
5136.01Electronic Equipment
5215Missing and Absent Children
5230Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
5310Health Services
5330Use of Medications
5330.02Procurement and Use of Epinephrine Auto Injectors in Emergency Situations
5335Care of Students with Chronic Health Conditions
5336Care of Students with Diabetes
5340Student Accidents
5341Emergency Medical Authorization
5350Student Suicide
5410Promotion and Retention
5420Reporting Student Progress
5430Class Rank
5451Academic Recognition
5452Athletic Awards
5460Graduation Requirements
5463Credits from State-Chartered, Special, and Nonchartered Schools
5500Student Conduct
5500.01Caldwell High School Athletic Code of Conduct
5511Dress and Grooming
5512Use of Tobacco
5513Care of School Property
5514Student Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles
5515.01Safe Operation of Motorized Utility Vehicles by Students
5516Student Hazing
5517Anti- Harassment
5517.01Bullying and Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior
5517.02Sexual Violence
5520Disorder and Demonstration
5530Drug Prevention
5531Student Assistance Programs
5540The Schools, Police and Other Court Authorized Personnel
5600Student Discipline
5610Removal, Suspension, Expulsion, and Permanent Exclusion of Students
5610.01Permanent Exclusion of Nondisabled Students
5610.02In-School Discipline
5610.03Emergency Removal of Students
5610.04Suspension of Bus Riding/Transportation Privileges
5610.05Prohibition from Extra-Curricular Activities
5611Due Process Rights
5630Corporal Punishment
5630.01Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports and Limited Use of Restraint and Seclusion
5722School-Sponsored Publications and Productions
5730Equal Access for Nondistrict-Sponsored, Student Clubs and Activities
5751Parental Status of Students
5771Search and Seizure
5780Student Rights
5820Student Government
5830Student Fund Raising
5840Student Groups
5850Social Events and Class Trips
5855Student Attendance at School Events
5880Public Performance by Students