Cadillac Area Public Schools
Administrative Guidelines


 A.A student will receive a meal of choice until his/her account reaches a negative balance of $10.00.

 B.After a student account reaches a balance of negative $10.00 or more, the student will receive an alternative meal only at no cost. The alternate meal will meet USDA National School Lunch Program guidelines.

 C.A student will always have the right to receive an alternative meal regardless of the standing of his/her food service account.

 D.Once a student account has a negative balance of $4, a letter will be sent home notifying the parent/guardian of the amount of the negative balance and a request for payment for that amount. The letter will indicate a willingness on the part of the School District to assist the family if a financial issue exists.

 E.If a student account continues to have a negative balance of $10.00 for a period greater than two weeks, a second letter will be sent to the family indicating such and a follow-up telephone call will be made to discuss the situation and to offer assistance.

 F.Unique situations will be referred to the School Board.

An example of the alternate meal that is eligible for reimbursement would consist of a cheese sandwich, apple, carrot sticks, and milk.

Denying Meals:

 A.NSLP Regulations prohibit schools from denying meals as a form of disciplinary action against free, reduced or paid students.

 B.Schools may deny a meal to a student who pays reduced or full price and who does not provide the required payment for that meal.

 C.If a student is in a discipline/detention situation during the lunch period, schools may serve meals that are different from the one being served in the lunchroom and in a different location as long as the meal pattern is followed and a reimbursable meal is offered.

Approved 10/3/13