Britton Deerfield School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education will permit the school buses owned or leased by this District to be used for purposes other than regularly-scheduled routes to and from school in accordance with law and rules of the State, provided such trips do not interfere with routine school transportation services.

The nonroutine use of buses shall be defined for purposes of this policy as those uses which are specified in State law.

Vehicles must be operated by the holder of a valid bus driver's license. The license, a medical examiners certificate, and a record of continuing education must be in the driverís possession when driving. The cost of transportation shall be reimbursed to the Board in accordance with a formula established in the District's administrative guidelines.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines which should include provision for insurance coverage and the requirement that for each school bus trip involving school age passengers chaperones will be used to assist the staff member(s) in maintaining passenger control and in enforcing procedures for the safety of all passengers.

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A.C. Rule 340.238

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