Britton Deerfield School District
Bylaws & Policies


Whenever it becomes necessary to discipline a member of the staff, the Board of Education directs the Superintendent to utilize the procedures set out below and any related procedures described in the current negotiated agreement, if applicable.

The Superintendent or his/her designee shall conduct an investigation of any alleged act or omission that could lead to disciplinary action, as appropriate to the situation. The investigation shall include, at a minimum, providing the employee with reasonable notice and the opportunity to respond to the complaint. If the investigation includes a meeting with the employee, prior notice of this meeting shall be provided to the employee for any discipline that may result in a suspension or loss of pay. The meeting shall not proceed without the employee's designated representative; however, the meeting shall not be unduly delayed to secure the attendance of the preferred representative. The District may substitute another representative from the union to timely process the investigation.

Discipline may include, but is not limited to:



written warning;



written reprimand;



suspension (paid or unpaid);






financial penalty in accordance with Michigan law.

The District does not have to apply discipline in a progressive manner, but, rather, may impose discipline consistent with the seriousness of the staff member's conduct, as determined by the District.

The Board strongly recommends that before a suspension or termination is invoked the Superintendent contact the school attorney.

The Board requires that all disciplinary actions involving loss of pay, suspension or termination be submitted to the Board for review as soon as possible after the action has been taken.

The Superintendent should ascertain whether or not the staff member wishes such a report to be made in a closed session of the Board, if a closed session is permitted by the Open Meetings Act.

Revised 1/11/18

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