Britton Deerfield School District
Bylaws & Policies


All members of the staff are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment and participating in investigations as necessary. Reasonable action will be taken to ensure that persons involved in an investigation, or in providing information during an investigation do not suffer any form of retaliation, because of their good faith participation. Steps to avoid retaliation may include placing a party to the investigation on administrative leave or other reasonable action. Additional steps may be taken to address workplace safety issues.

It is the Boardís desire to create and maintain an environment free from disruptive, threatening, and violent behavior. The Board will not tolerate inappropriate or intimidating behavior within the workplace (see examples below).


The Board will respond appropriately to every reported incident of disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior.

  Examples of inappropriate behavior by staff members include but are not limited to:

  1.Behavior that distracts, interferes with, or prevents normal work functions or activities. This behavior includes but is not limited to yelling, using profanity or vulgarity, verbally abusing others, making inappropriate demands for time and attention; making unreasonable demands for action (demanding an immediate appointment or a response to a complaint on the spot) or refusing a reasonable request for identification.

  2.Behavior that includes physical actions short of actual contact/injury (e.g., moving closer aggressively), oral or written threats to a person or property, whether in person, over the telephone or through other means of communication.

  3.Behavior that includes physical assault, with or without weapons behavior that a reasonable person would interpret as being violent, (e.g., throwing things, pounding on a desk or door, or destroying property), and specific threats to inflict physical harm.

  4.Behavior(s), which create incidents that, are stressful or traumatic that interferes with an individualís or group of individualís ability to effectively function in his/her educational or work environment.

  When appropriate, complaints under this policy may be reported to the local law enforcement agencies, by the Boardís administrative representatives. All reports or complaints under this policy will be investigated and include confidentiality where appropriate. Once an investigation is complete, a recommendation on how to handle the complaint will be submitted to the Superintendent for disposition. Some behaviors may also be prohibited under criminal law, and where appropriate, the Superintendent will report such cases to the proper authorities and shall inform the Board or such report(s).
  Counseling for staff may be available through the EAP for both the victim and any others within the School District affected by a violent traumatic incident.

 C.Protective Orders:
  Members of the staff who have obtained a protective order should supply a copy of the order to the Superintendent. Other parties may also be informed when deemed necessary for the safety of the School District personnel.

 D.Discipline/Corrective Steps:
  Staff who violate this policy may be subject to discipline up to and including discharge.

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