Britton Deerfield School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education believes that study is a prerequisite for certified growth of staff and, therefore, encourages the participation of certified staff members in in-service and other training programs.

The Superintendent may plan and implement a program of staff development for certified staff members, and support staff members, and explore other training programs.

Such staff development programs should be designed to address the certified development needs of staff members who are working at a particular level, involved in a particular course or subject, or need to be prepared for a new assignment.

Whenever feasible, principals should participate with their staff members in order to ensure better follow-up and support.

The Board may reimburse staff members for the costs incurred in participation therein, subject to prior approval of the Superintendent.

Participation in the program shall be voluntary unless considered part of the duties of any participating staff member according to provisions in a negotiated, collectively-bargained agreement or other contractual arrangements.

During the first three (3) years of employment, each nontenured certified staff member shall be provided fifteen (15) days of certified development related to his/her Individual Development Plan. The Superintendent shall also arrange for the assignment to each such staff member of one or more mentors who have demonstrated proficiency in the teaching skills established in the staff member's IDP.

The Superintendent shall arrange to provide each member of the teaching staff with at least five (5) days of certified development annually. These days shall be in addition to any of the required fifteen (15) days of certified development provided to non-tenured teachers during their first three (3) years of teaching.

M.C.L.A. 380.1526, 380.1527

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