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A teacher may only be discharged, demoted or otherwise disciplined for a reason that is not arbitrary or capricious. In all instances, discipline, discharge and demotion shall occur in accordance with the statutory requirements under the Teacher Tenure Act and the Revised School Code.

The teacher shall be provided with oral or written notice of the issue or incident being investigated by the appropriate administrator and/or Superintendent.

The administrator/Superintendent shall conduct an investigation of any alleged act or omission by a teacher that could result in disciplinary action. The investigation shall include, at a minimum, interviews of appropriate persons and a meeting with the subject teacher and, if requested or if required by the bargaining agreement, his/her designated representative (either another employee or a union representative if part of a bargaining unit). The teacher shall be advised of the alleged act or omissions and provided an opportunity to respond to the complaint. Prior notice of this meeting shall be provided to the teacher for any discipline that will result in a suspension or loss of pay. The meeting shall not proceed without the teacher's designated representative; however, the meeting shall not be unduly delayed to secure the attendance of the teacher's preferred representative. The District may substitute another representative from the union to timely process the investigation.

After completion of the investigation, if discipline is to be imposed, the teacher shall receive written notice of the discipline and this notice shall also be placed in the teacher's file.

Discipline can include, but is not limited to:



written warning;



written reprimand;



suspension (paid or unpaid);




The District does not have to apply discipline in a progressive manner, but, rather, may impose discipline consistent with seriousness of the teacher's conduct, as determined by the District. Additionally, nothing in this policy limits the District's right to take other appropriate action, such as placing a teacher on administrative leave during the pendency of an investigation or issuing a counseling memorandum, which is considered instructional, not disciplinary.

If it appears that disciplinary action beyond written reprimand may be necessary, the administrator should contact the Superintendent to discuss the disciplinary action that is to be taken.

Any disciplinary action that is not subject to Board review as described below may be submitted to the Superintendent for review within five (5) work days of the teacher's receipt of the written confirmation. The Superintendent is not required to conduct an independent investigation. S/He shall meet with the administrator who issued the discipline and with the teacher and his/her designated representative, if requested. The Superintendent may affirm, revise or reject any disciplinary action taken against a teacher and his/her decision is final.

M.C.L. 38.101 et seq., 38.74, 380.1230d, 380.1535a

Revised 5/10/12
Revised 10/8/15

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