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The Board of Education recognizes the value to students and to the District for students to participate in courses offered by accredited and degree-granting colleges and universities in Michigan. Eligible postsecondary institutions shall include state universities, community colleges, and independent nonprofit degree-granting colleges or universities located in Michigan and that choose to comply with the Postseconday Enrollment Options Act.

The Board will allow eligible high school students who meet the criteria established in the Superintendent's guidelines to enroll in eligible postsecondary courses while in attendance in the District. The Superintendent shall allow a student, upon written request of his/her parent to take approved readiness assessment(s) in order to establish eligibility for postsecondary enrollment. Any tests are to be administered free of charge in accordance with the District's testing schedule. Students will be eligible to receive appropriate credit for completing any of these courses providing they meet all requirements for the type of credit they wish to earn.

The Superintendent shall establish the necessary administrative guidelines to ensure that such courses are in accord with State law and are properly communicated to both the students and their parents. The Superintendent shall also establish guidelines and procedures for the awarding of credit and the proper entry on a student's transcript and other records of his/her participation in a postsecondary program.

Upon receipt of a bill from the postsecondary institution itemizing the charges for a student's participation in a particular course, the District shall either pay the bill or the prorated percentage of the State portion of the foundation allowance for that student, whichever is lower. If charges exceed such payment, the student and his/her parents are responsible for the remaining charges.

If a student participating in the postsecondary (dual) enrollment program fails to successfully complete an eligible course, the student and his/her parents are responsible for reimbursing the District for such charges incurred by the District for such enrollment. In the event reimbursement is not made in a reasonable period of time, the Superintendent is authorized to file claim against the student and/or his/her parents in Small Claims Court for collection.

The Superintendent is to submit annually to the Intermediate School District the following information:



the amount of money paid to postsecondary institutions for this program



the number of students in the high school and the number who participated in at least one (1) postsecondary program and received payment for all or part of the eligible charges under this program both in the aggregate and by grade level



the percentage of the District's enrollment represented by eligible students both in the aggregate and by grade level



the total number of postsecondary courses for which the District made payment, the number of courses for which postsecondary credit was granted, the number of courses for which high school credit was granted, and the number of courses that were not completed by eligible students

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M.C. L. 388.1621(b)

Revised 6/12/06
Revised 12/13/12

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