Britton Deerfield School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Superintendent of Schools shall strive to achieve District goals by providing educational direction and supervision to the certified staff and supervision to the support staff and by acting as a proper model for staff and students both in and outside the District.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Superintendent shall be directly responsible to the Board of Education for the performance of the following assigned duties and responsibilities:

 A.keep the Board informed of school operation by preparing monthly Board agendas, providing oral and written communication, scheduling management team committee meetings, and requesting special Board meetings that become necessary to keep the Board properly informed

 B.ensure that all aspects of District operation comply with State laws and regulations as well as Board contracts and policies

 C.establish and maintain any written educational plan that may be required by law and consistent with the educational goals adopted by the Board

 D.ensure proper implementation of the current District-wide instructional plan as it applies to each building

 E.strive to increase the efficient use of District resources in the daily operations of the schools

 F.assign staff to achieve the maximum benefit toward the attainment of educational goals

 G.evaluate the progress of the certified and support staff toward the attainment of educational goals

 H.analyze the results of instructional program development as it applies to the Board's educational goals

 I.recommend changes in instructional or staffing patterns based on an analysis of staff and program progress with principals to assure that decisions made at the building level are created by means of a site-based, decision-making process that includes participation of the school's administration and staff, parents, students and others in the community cooperatively with parents and community groups concerned with programs in the schools

 L.develop personal capabilities in personnel strategies and facility management cooperatively with the Board and administrative staff

 N.strive toward the highest standards of personal conduct

 O.perform such other duties as the Board may direct

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