Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


In accordance with Board policy, all District-support organizations, including parent associations, booster clubs, and the like, are to abide by the following guidelines.

 A.Bylaws of the organization clearly state:

  1.the purpose of the organization must be to benefit the students of the District;

  2.the name of the organization;

  3.the procedure for the election of officers and the length of terms;

  4.provisions for student and staff involvement which are to include that a District administrator or faculty member is included on the organization's advisory board and that any student or staff involvement in the conduct of the organization's activities is subject to the approval of the Superintendent.

 B.Each organization, at least thirty (30) days prior to any activity shall submit its plan for any and all fund-raising activities to include the following:

  1.the purpose of each fund-raising activity

  2.the fund-raising procedure

  3.the bookkeeping procedure that will be used

  4.designation of a fiscal officer for the organization who will be responsible for the accounting of funds

  5.assurance that none of the proceeds from a fund-raiser are commingled with a student activity account

  6.agreement that none of the activities involve the use of public funds

  7.a guarantee that funds will be used in ways that are consistent with the purpose of the organization

  8.agreement that any purchases made by the organization are not represented as District expenditures and do not use identification numbers of the District such as tax I.D. numbers, purchase order numbers, sales tax exemption forms, and the like

 C.Each organization agrees that any donations made to the District shall be done in accordance with Board Policy 7230 and the accompanying guidelines.

 D.Each organization agrees to abide by the policies and guidelines established for use of District facilities and grounds.