Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Although School District's property is owned by a public entity, access to the general public may be restricted. To provide a safe and sanitary environment for students, the following restrictions will apply to bringing pets on to school property.

Pets are defined as any animal maintained primarily for the pleasure of its owner (mammal, bird, reptile, fish or amphibian).



Pets are permitted on school property with prior permission from the building administrator, or the Superintendent for those properties not directly associated with a particular school.



Pets are permitted on school playground only when school is not in session. Pets must be leashed, under control and not frighten or intimidate any other users of the playground. Pets shall not be permitted to urinate on the playground equipment, and all fecal matter shall be promptly removed and disposed of in a proper trash receptacle.



Pets shall be kept under control at all times and shall not be allowed to jump on, growl or show other acts of aggression toward any other person, pet or animal.



Owners are responsible for keeping their pets from urinating on personal property or outdoor equipment (e.g. furniture, bicycles, backpacks, playground and athletic equipment).

These provisions do not apply to:



properly certified service animals present to assist those who need to access school property for a legitimate business purpose or who are present on school property in accordance with access permitted to the general public;



canines brought on the premises by law enforcement personnel for law enforcement purposes.

Approved 9/8/11

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