Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following procedures should be used by committees formed to review complaints concerning instructional materials.

 A.Robert's Rules of Order shall be followed for conducting meetings.
  A chairman and a secretary will be selected by the Superintendent prior to the initial meeting.

 B.First Meeting:

  1.Copies of the petitioner's complaint are distributed.

  2.Copies of the material being challenged are distributed.

  3.Relevant materials concerning the issue are made available.

  4.The petitioner may make an oral presentation of not more than fifteen (15) minutes.

  5.District staff may make an oral presentation of not more than fifteen (15) minutes.

  6.The chairman directs each committee member to review the complaint carefully and be prepared to vote on the issue at the second meeting.

 C.Second Meeting:

  1.Committee discussion, led by the chairman.

  2.Petitioner may be present to observe, but may not participate in the deliberations.

  3.Vote of a simple majority of those present entitled to vote will determine the resolution of the complaint.

  4.Only members who have read or viewed the material in its entirety may vote.

  5.Balloting will be written and confidential.

The vote will then be forwarded to the Superintendent for his/her review and decision.

Minutes of each meeting will be kept by the secretary and distributed to the petitioner, the committee, and the Board of Education.

The petitioner may appeal the decision of the committee to the Board, who will have access to all materials made available to the committee as well as to the minutes of each meeting.

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