Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Insurance shall be placed with companies licensed by the State of Michigan. Insurance is to be placed through a qualified agent who shall be the agent of record on all policies, except that policies relating to annuities, group life, and accident and health may be placed through qualified agent(s), a direct-writing carrier, or a third-party administrator.

Each agent of record shall provide the following services, as appropriate to the type of insurance represented:

 A.advice with respect to all insurance matters to the end that the District has adequate but not excessive insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost and fire inspections

 C.prompt processing of claims

Qualifications of Agent(s)

 A.Agent(s) shall be defined as an individual or organization whose MAJOR source of income arises from commissions received from the solicitation of insurance.

 B.The agent(s) shall be duly licensed by the State.

In all cases where a person has an accident claim against the District, s/he is to be referred to the Superintendent who will, in turn, take appropriate action with the insurance company.

No principal or other employee is to offer aid or advice on how to proceed with such claims. The Office of the Superintendent will instruct people on the submission of bills and on means of pressing the claim.