Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


 A.Specific Responsibilities

  1.Conduct pretrip inspection of school bus prior to every trip.

  2.Use established routes and designated bus stops.

  3.Operate bus on approved time schedule.

  4.Report bus accidents and student injuries to authorities.

  5.Conduct emergency evacuation drills in keeping with school policies.

  6.Instruct riders regarding being responsible passengers.

  7.Drive defensively under varying traffic conditions and inclement weather.

  8.Drive with safety of riders as first priority.

  9.Report personal absences in time for supervisor to secure substitute driver.

  10.Report on and off the job at the proper time.

  11.Maintain personal fitness--emotional stability and physical capacity.

  12.Perform bus housekeeping duties.

  13.Never leave the bus when students are present.

  14.Never leave the keys on the bus.

  15.Fill fuel tank as required.

  16.Report bus defects to supervisor.

  17.Establish favorable working relationships with other drivers, maintenance personnel, teachers, students, principals, and total school staff.

  18.Exhibit positive image as loyal representative of school district.

  19.Participate in taking extra trips according to the established procedure.

  20.Observe all procedures contained in State guidelines and the bus driver's manual.

 B.Specific Performance Abilities

  1.Operate all vehicle types used in transporting students in the School District.

  2.Know the transportation policy as it pertains to the riding area of school district.

  3.Demonstrate knowledge of administrative guidelines as made by local, State, and Federal authorities.

  4.Deal with behavioral characteristics of riders.

  5.Administer disciplinary procedures in keeping with school policies.

  6.Be alert and exercise good judgement concerning emergencies, disabled vehicles, and irregular special requests by parents of riders.

  7.Know location of and be able to use and/or operate the emergency and first-aid equipment.

 C.Specific Legal Requirements To Be Met

  1.Meet school bus driver certification requirements.

  2.Meet State requirements for appropriate licensing.

  3.Meet State physical examination requirements.