Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines may be helpful when a telephone caller announces a bomb threat.

 A.Be alert to any of the following background sounds that may give a clue to the location of the caller:
  radio playing, voices, sirens, construction noise, TV, whistles, traffic noise, bells

 B.Ask the caller:
  Where is the bomb located?
  What time is it to go off?
  What kind of a bomb is it?
  What is your name?
  Where are you calling from?

 C.Make a note about speech characteristics such as:
  male, female, low tone, high pitch, stutter or stammer, regional or foreign accent

 D.Note impressions such as:
  does the voice sound familiar?
  does the caller sound sincere?
  does the caller seem familiar with the school?

 E.Write down exactly what the caller says; ask him/her to repeat the message.

 F.Try to signal someone about the nature of the conversation while you keep the caller on the line.