Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


District administrators will be advised of alerts through the National Terrorism Alert System (NTAS).



NTAS Alert Levels



Imminent Threat Alert


Warns of a credible, specific, and impending terrorist threat against the United States or particular targets within the United States.



Elevated Threat Alert


Warns of a credible terrorist threat against the United States.


NTAS Alerts will only be issued when credible information is available.


The NTAS Alerts will be based on the nature of the threat: in some cases, alerts will be sent directly to law enforcement or affected areas of the private sector, while in others, alerts will be issued more broadly to the American people through both official and media channels.



Sunset Provision


An individual threat alert is issued for a specific time period and then automatically expires. It may be extended if new information becomes available or the threat evolves.


All changes, including the announcement that cancels an NTAS Alert, will be distributed by District administrators the same way as the original alert.

Under an Imminent Threat Alert, the following will take place:



All Administrators who are in the building will be contacted and informed to report to the main office. Administrators who are off campus will also be contacted. It will be determined at that time if they are to return to the school. Depending on which administrators are in the building, various duties will be assigned.



Building emergency plans should be immediately available. A copy will be kept in the Main Office and Attendance Office. Plans will include:



Signs to be posted on exterior entrance doors directing people to the main entrance.



Map of the building with gas, water, and ventilation system shut off locations marked.



List of building administrators and building maintenance/custodians.



Copy of procedures.



Designated staff/administrator will contact students/staff who are off sites and follow individual program instruction.



An announcement/signal will be made for all student/staff to go to their classrooms.



Teachers who have access and ability to lock exterior doors will be expected to do so as they move to the classrooms. All exterior doors will be checked for security and locked by the custodian and administration. Signs will be placed in all entrances (see below). Administrator/staff will be placed at the main entrance. Others will be positioned to monitor the halls.



Teachers will read the Imminent Threat Alert that will be located on the wall of the classroom.



Students will remain in programs until regular dismissal or until released to a parent or guardian unless otherwise directed by emergency management officials.



Most classroom activities will go on as expected.



Normal transportation procedures will be implemented for students (i.e. regular bus routes, student drives himself/herself, or parent pickup) unless otherwise directed by emergency management officials.



All entrances will be secured and posted stating that the building is in "Imminent Threat Alert". The signs will direct all individuals that wish to enter the building to the main entrance. The main entrance will be posted stating that all individuals entering will need picture ID and will be escorted.



All after school activities and events will be cancelled.

Wording for Signs

Attention: "At this time our school has been placed under Homeland Security Advisory System Level Imminent Threat Alert".

"This entrance has been secured. Please use the Main entrance located at the south west area of the building".

See also, AG 8420D, for additional response requirements.

Revised 9/8/11

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