Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Prevention starts by making sure the school campus is a safe and caring place. Effective and safe schools communicate a strong sense of security. School officials can enhance physical safety by:

 A.Supervising access to the building and grounds.

 B.Reducing class size and school size.

 C.Adjusting scheduling to minimize time in the hallways or in potentially dangerous locations. Traffic flow patterns can be modified to limit potential for conflicts or altercations.

 D.Conducting a building safety audit in consultation with school security personnel and/or law enforcement experts. Effective schools adhere to federal, state, and local nondiscrimination and public safety laws, and use guidelines set by the State Department of Education.

 E.Closing school campuses during lunch periods.

 F.Adopting a school policy on uniforms.

 G.Arranging supervision at critical times (for example, in hallways between classes) and having a plan to deploy supervisory staff to areas where incidents are likely to occur.

 H.Prohibiting students from congregating in areas where they are likely to engage in rule-breaking or intimidating and aggressive behaviors.

 I.Having adults visibly present throughout the school building. This includes encouraging parents to visit the school.

 J.Staggering dismissal times and lunch periods.

 K.Monitoring the surrounding school grounds-including landscaping, parking lots, and bus stops.

 L.Coordinating with local police to ensure that there are safe routes to and from school.

In addition to targeting areas for increased safety measures, schools also should identify safe areas where staff and children should go in the event of a crisis.

The physical condition of the school building also has an impact on student attitude, behavior, and motivation to achieve. Typically, there tend to be more incidents of fighting and violence in school buildings that are dirty, too cold or too hot, filled with graffiti, in need of repair, or unsanitary.