Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines




Opening Exercises


Each school day and special program may begin with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.





Principals may allow notices of general interest to be broadcast over the school loudspeaker at designated times in accordance with the following rules:



No announcement shall be read which has not been approved and initialed by the principal.



Announcements may be made for the following:



any school-sponsored activity



organizations using District facilities for student activities



nonreligious, noncommercial, nonpolitical community groups



Notices which constitute advertising are not allowed.



No announcements, other than emergencies, are to be made during any class period.



Flag Display



The American Flag is to be flown at all schools on days when schools are in session.



The Maintenance Department is responsible for raising and lowering the flag and for maintaining it in proper condition.



The flag is flown at half-staff on order of the President or the Governor. It may not be flown at half-staff as a form of political or other dissent.



School Assemblies


The principal is responsible for the scheduling and operation of all assemblies in his/her building. Each assembly should be directly related to accomplishing one or more of the District's goals for students and should interfere as little as possible with the academic program.



School Closings


Whenever a school is closed due to a calamity such as hazardous weather, utility failure, and the like, all school-sponsored activities are to be considered cancelled until further notice or the resumption of school.


At the high school level, if conditions improve later in the day, the principal will be responsible for recommending to the Superintendent which, if any, school-sponsored activities may take place. The determination is to be made using the following criteria:



Staff, students, and/or parents can be notified effectively and without unbudgeted costs about the necessary details related to attendance requirements, location, schedule, and conduct of the activity.



The staff needed to conduct the activity properly is available and there are no unscheduled or unapproved costs to the District.



Any necessary transportation is readily available and the road conditions have been deemed to be safe by the local police, sheriff's department, or the State police.


If the activity has been scheduled to take place at a nondistrict location, particularly at another school district, the principal should determine whether or not the activity is still scheduled and the weather and other conditions between the District and the location and at the location.


If the activity is to take place within the District, it can be scheduled providing the above criteria have been met. However, regardless of the location of the activity, the principal should have determined how many of the District's students who would normally participate will not be participating and what will be the effect of their absence.