Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The Board will allow staff members, students, and parents to access Board technology and the Internet through the use of home computers in accordance with the following guidelines:

 A.The Board will not provide help-desk support.

 B.The Board will provide log-on instructions.

 C.The Board will not be responsible for:

  1.any content that a home-user may access through the Internet;

  2.any virus that a home-user may obtain while accessing the Internet through Board technology;

  3.any copyright violations that may be incurred while accessing the Internet through Board technology;

  4.loss of or damage to any equipment of the home-user.

 D.The Board will not allow a home-user to establish personal e-mail accounts through Board technology.

 E.The Superintendent is responsible for creating a Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement Form which clearly states that when a person uses Board technology to create a web site or page which is hosted on Board servers, s/he acknowledges that the Board is entitled to any and all proprietary rights related to said web site and/or pages.