Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The purpose of the District providing a telephone in each classroom is to facilitate communications with parents concerning their child's learning. The telephone is to be used only by the teacher(s) assigned to that classroom or other members of the staff designated by the teacher or principal. The telephone may be used to:

 A.receive calls from parents who have questions concerning program, assignments, report cards, and the like; parents regarding assignments, classroom activities, student behavior, volunteer needs, and the like;

 C.communicate with the administration, other District staff, or outsiders concerning classroom, school, or District activities.

Classroom telephones are not to be used: transact personal business or nonschool-related business;

 B.during classroom instructional time unless the call is an integral part of a learning activity; students at any time unless specifically authorized by the teacher or principal;

 D.for long distance calls unless authorized by the principal.