Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines







A label with the District's name and an identification number will be placed on each piece of equipment.



Records of the identification number, serial number, model, etc. for each piece of audiovisual equipment shall be maintained in Business Office.



Records on each piece of software, organized by title and course or program, shall be maintained in the Business Office.



Use of Hardware and Software:


All audiovisual equipment and software to be used either in the District or off-school premises shall be checked out through the Business Office. (See Form 7530A F1) Use of equipment and software may not be used for the purpose of copying materials in violation of copyright laws. (See AG 2531.)


The person signing the request Form 7530A F1 is responsible for the condition of the equipment/software until checked back in.


Students should not use audiovisual equipment or software without a staff member or approved volunteer being present.


Where an exceptional instructional need is demonstrated, permission to use equipment and software off the school premises shall be granted by the principal after consulting principal. (Use Form 7530A F1.)


Exceptional instructional needs include, but are not limited to:



increasing teacher proficiency in the operation of equipment or enlarging knowledge of particular software necessary for classroom instruction;



producing/preparing instructional materials or classroom lessons;



developing new or additional applications of the computer or software.



Requests for Personal Use:


Personal use of equipment and software, including computers and peripherals, by students, staff, and District residents shall be in accordance with Policy 7530 and the accompanying guidelines. No business use shall be made of any borrowed equipment or software. Software shall not be used in violation of any licensing agreement nor shall it be copied.


Requests to use audiovisual equipment and software for personal use off school premises will require written permission from Student Service Office.


Users will be responsible for arranging safe transportation and housing for equipment and software used off school premises.


The borrower will not be held responsible if repair is required as a result of equipment malfunction or unavoidable circumstances but will be responsible for damages resulting from negligence. In no instance, should an attempt be made to repair equipment or software. The defective item should be returned to the Student Service Office as is. The District will repair the equipment and, if appropriate, bill the user.



Staff Services:


Media staff will instruct the user on the correct operation of equipment and software prior to the user receiving the material. The principal will designate appropriate staff to assist in moving and setting up equipment and software for instructional purposes on school premises.


Media staff may assist other staff members in obtaining materials for instructional use by video taping or audio taping within copyright guidelines.



Equipment Inventory and Repair:


All audiovisual software and hardware will be inventoried at the end of each school year. An accurate inventory of all District computers and other audio-visual equipment in the District will be maintained by Business Office. Inventory of computers, other audiovisual equipment, and software will also be maintained in the school or department in which they are located.


If a piece of equipment or software requires repair, it will be sent to the Business Office. An "out for repair" file is to contain a repair card detailing the characteristics of the problem, date the repair was requested, and the repairer. Subsequently, repair information including type of repair, date repaired, and the cost shall be recorded on the repair card and filed in the Business Office.



Report of Loss:


If any equipment or software is lost, the school principal shall be notified. The principal may notify police, if deemed appropriate. A complete inventory of all other equipment and/or software located in the same area as the lost items shall be taken. Inventory cards for all missing equipment/software shall be kept in a separate file for use in giving information to the police and/or the insurance company.

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