Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

7230Public Gifts to the District
7310Disposal of District Property
7430Safety in Schools
7440Facility Security
7440.01Video Surveillance and Electronic Monitoring
7450Inventory Procedure
7455Asset Acquisition, Transfer, and Disposal
7510aCommunity Use of School Facilities
7510cSupervision of Rented Facilities
7530Personal Use of District Equipment/Facilities
7530aTechnology Equipment Security Procedures
7530bClassroom Telephones
7530cCellular Phones
7540Computer Technology and Networks
7540aStaff and Student Training Regarding the Internet
7540.01aPersonal Use of District Technology Resources
7540.01bAt-Home Access to District Technology
7540.02Web-Content and Functionality Specifications
7540.03Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety
7540.04Staff Technology Acceptable Use and Safety
7540.05Proper Use of District-Issued Staff E-Mail Account
7540.06Students' Proper Use of District-Issued E-Mail Account