Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines apply to all school events at which tickets are sold.

 A.Responsibilities of the Activity Sponsor

  1.Establish the price and make arrangements for the printing of the tickets.

  2.Obtain approval from administration for any complimentary tickets to be given away.

  3.Select the ticket sellers and provide them with the appropriate number of tickets, the forms needed to account for the sales, and the currency and coins needed for making change. Make sure they understand the sales and accounting procedure.

  4.Make a record of the number of tickets given to each seller.

  5.Receive the money, ticket-sales accounting form, and unsold tickets from each seller and reconcile the money collected with the ticket-sales accounting record. Maintain a record of unsold tickets.

  6.Prepare the deposit record and deposit the funds in the depository designated by the Business Office.

  7.Make note of any changes in procedure that should be incorporated into the next ticket sale.

 B.Responsibilities of the Ticket Seller

  1.If tickets are numbered, make a record of the first and last numbers to verify the number of tickets received from the activity supervisor. Verify the prices, particularly if there are price differentials.

  2.Complete the information called for on the form heading.

  3.Collect the money from the purchaser, verify that the amount is correct, and provide the purchaser with the ticket(s).

  4.At the end of the sale, record the number of the first unsold ticket and count the number of tickets sold. If tickets have been sold at different prices, record the number sold at each price.

  5.Organize the money collected by denomination and then count each denomination. For each price category, compare the actual total with the total obtained by multiplying the number of tickets sold by the price of each ticket.

  6.Provide the activity supervisor with the money, ticket-sales accounting record, and the unsold tickets.