Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Please abide by the following guidelines when using a District credit card.

 A.All credit cards issued to and in the name of the Britton-Macon Area School District shall be held and supervised by the Business Office.

 B.Employees requiring the use of school credit cards shall request (in writing) such cards from the Business Office.

 C.Each request for use of a school credit card shall contain the following: needed to be returned


 D.After use, school credit cards are to be returned to the Business Office along with appropriate receipt copies of all charges.

 E.Credit cards may only be used for the purchase of the following types of goods and services for District:

  1.transportation for authorized trips;

  2.lodging and meals for authorized trips or meetings;

  3.approved supplies and equipment.

 F.The credit card is to be returned to the Business Office by the date specified in the authorization and be accompanied by documentation indicating the goods and services purchased, the amount(s) of the purchase, date(s) of purchase, and the District business to which each purchase relates.

 G.All credit card invoices shall be reviewed and documented in the same manner as other invoices (see AG 6320 - Purchasing). Credit card balances must be paid within sixty (60) days of the initial statement date.

 H.The staff member to whom a credit card is issued shall be responsible for its use and shall not allow the card to be used by anyone else or for any unauthorized purchases. Any unauthorized use shall subject the card holder to disciplinary action in accordance with law, District policy, and/or the terms of a negotiated agreement.