Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


These instructions shall form a part of all bid specifications:

 A.The naming of a given manufacturer and model number is not intended to limit bidding but to establish the level of quality desired for the various items required. Bidders should exercise care in bidding equivalent items. Complete descriptive literature must accompany equivalent bids. Samples will be requested if necessary.

 B.Bid price shall include delivery to the point of use. Where it shall be deemed necessary by school officials, the successful bidder shall be prepared to provide instruction in use and care of equipment delivered in both written form and on a demonstration basis.

 C.Optional accessories necessary for the basic use of equipment shall be included in the base bid. Such accessories not necessary for the basic use but deemed desirable shall be included as an alternative bid with a complete description.

 D.Each group of items or individual item, if classified in this way, shall constitute a separate bid. The Board of Education, however, may accept a combined bid for all items bid by one bidder.

 E.Delivery date is a part of the bid and must be submitted on the bid form at the time of bidding.

 F.Bidders are required to use the bid form attached for base bids. Alternate bids may be attached to the bid form.

 G.All bids shall be exclusive of applicable excise taxes. Exemption forms will be executed when necessary.

 H.All bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes clearly marked with the words "Bid Opening", the date and time of bid opening, the bid, and the name of the bidder.

 I.In the event of discrepancies between the unit price and extension, the unit price shall prevail.

 J.Manufacturer's written guarantees shall accompany each bid. Bidders may state in writing, additional guarantees which will become a part of the bid and considered in making awards.

 K.Where applicable, service facilities and convenience of service will be considered as part of the bid. When necessary, bidders shall submit evidence of ability to install adequately, service or supply the required items, and that the sale or provision of such items or services is a substantial, regular and continuous part of the bidder's business.

 L.Where applicable, bidders shall certify that all relevant Federal, State, and local laws have been complied with.

 M.Each bid shall be accompanied by either a bond for the full amount of the bid or a cashier's check or letter of credit equal to ten percent (10%) of the total bid and a statement indicating no outstanding personal property tax obligations.

 N.All necessary insurance certificates shall be supplied only when specifically requested.

 O.No order awarded under these specifications, or any part thereof, shall be sublet or assigned without the written approval of Superintendent.

 P.The bidder acknowledges that by submitting a bid, the specifications and other instructions are in the bidder's opinion, appropriate and adequate for the intended purpose.

The Board of Education reserves the right to:

 A.reject any or all bids without assigning any reason therefore; the sole judge of equivalency;

 C.waive any bid requirement in accepting or rejecting bids.

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