Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Purchasing - General Provisions

 A.All purchases shall be by purchase order processed through the Business Office.

 B.The Superintendent shall be the contracting agent for all financial obligations.

 C.The Business Office shall be responsible for encumbering the funds as soon as the purchase order has been issued.

 D.A verbal financial commitment may be made only for emergencies or when it is impossible or impractical to precede the purchase with a purchase order. Before such a commitment is made, the Business Office shall be contacted for prior approval and for a purchase order number. In all such cases, a purchase order shall be issued as soon as possible after the commitment is made.

 E.Employees are forbidden to use the name of the District, any discounts provided the District, or any other means for associating a personal purchase with the District. They are to make clear to any District supplier from whom they are purchasing an item that it is a personal purchase by the employee and is not associated with the District. Failure to abide by this provision could lead to disciplinary action.

 F.Confirming purchase orders will be honored only in cases cited in the above paragraph.

 G.Ongoing commitments such as service contracts and leases should be renewed annually, in writing, at the renewal date.

 H.Purchases of contracted services shall be negotiated either verbally, by a Request for Proposal, or through the bid process, as determined by the Superintendent. Such services that cost more than $5,000 require the approval of the Board.

 I.The Superintendent will determine the most appropriate method of obtaining prices for items or groups of items which are not subject to formal bidding procedures.

 J.Purchases of supplies, materials, and equipment items costing more than the amount stipulated in Board policy must be obtained through competitive, sealed bids and be approved by the Board.

Purchase Order Procedure

 A.The requestor completes the requisition-purchase order and submits it to the principal/supervisor for review and approval.

 B.If approved, the principal/supervisor retains a copy and sends the original to the Business Office for verification and dating.

 C.The requisition-purchase order is entered into the computer for verification, and if verified, the Business Office affixes a date and assigns a number.

 D.The Business Office then sends the requisition-purchase order to the Superintendent for approval and dating.

 E.The original copy of the requisition-purchase order is sent to the vendor unless there are specific instructions to the contrary.

Payment of Claims Procedure

 A.When delivery is made, the principal/supervisor checks the pink copy of the requisition-purchase order to ensure the order has been received correctly and in proper condition.

 B.If so, the packing or delivery slip is initialed, attached to the pink copy of the requisition-purchase order, and both the pink and blue copies are sent, to the Accounts Payable Clerk for payment.

 C.The Accounts Payable Clerk checks the copy against the invoice, and if everything is in order, a warrant is drawn.

 D.If the Accounts Payable Clerk finds discrepancies or has questions, s/he shall contact the principal/supervisor.

 E.The vendor's invoice is filed with a copy of the requisition-purchase order and a copy of the warrant.

 F.Upon payment, a copy of the requisition-purchase order is returned to the principal/supervisor indicating the amount and date paid.