Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines shall be used to conduct all social events.

 A.Faculty advisors to school organizations will ensure that social events are adequately chaperoned in keeping with Board of Education policy. Other members of the staff shall cooperate with the advisors.

 B.Chaperones must be present at social events sponsored by school organizations. The number needed shall be determined by the principal. In addition, the police, student-community relations persons, and security aides may be present.

 C.Social events are restricted to current District students and their guests if prior approval has been given by the principal.

 D.It is imperative that advisors and officers of organizations sponsoring dances or other social events set up an efficient checking system in both the boys' and girls' lavatories. Negligence on the school's part invites adverse public criticism.

 E.It is essential that chaperones be present at the designated time so that students are not gathering without adult supervision.

 F.Any police officers should be instructed by the advisors to maintain watch of the outside and to be available especially in the entrance area.

 G.Students who leave the event are not to be readmitted, unless granted permission by the person in charge.

 H.Chaperones will circulate among the people present at the event to be sure that they behave properly and to locate any persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs who may have gained entrance.
  Intoxicated students or students causing trouble should be dealt with using the following procedure:

  1.Identify any or all of the students involved.

  2.Obtain one (1) or two (2) witnesses.

  3.Telephone parents at once and tell them that it appears their son/daughter is either drinking or causing trouble, or is associating with those who are. Ask the parents to come to the social event at once to take custody of their son/daughter.

  4.If the conditions persist and parents do not appear in a reasonable time, call the police.

  5.If trouble or drinking is caused by people not of our District, call the police at once.

  6.If possible, DO NOT:
   get involved in arguments;

  7.Definitely DO NOT:
   make any positive statements such as, "He is drunk", "She is a troublemaker", or "You are under the influence of ___________________".

  8.DO SAY:
   a. "It would appear that _____________";

   b."It seems that _____________".

  9.Students should be suspended only if they are guilty through admission, observation, or other evidence. The principal should use discretion in all cases.