Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


 A.Types of Incidents

  1.Incidents of Violent Crime
   Assault, fighting, or imminent danger.

  2.Incidents of Other Illegal Activity
   Intimidation, extortion, possession of beepers, cellular phones or weapons; arrest or detainment by police in company of known gang member.

  3.Suspicion of Gang Involvement and/or Activity
   Any manner of grooming, hair style, clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that may indicate membership; use of gang slogans, hand signals, nicknames, etc. indicating affiliation or association; graffiti on school or personal property; reasonable suspicion of the above.

 B.Initial Actions

  1.Immediately contact the Lenawee County Sheriff Department if the incident is violent or illegal.

  2.Begin documenting the incident in a personal, private file. Be sure to include all available information.

  3.Student(s) are to remain isolated from the student body until further direction from the Lenawee County Sheriff Department to prevent escalation.

  4.Notify parents and the Superintendent of allegations.


  1.If the incident is determined to be gang-related, immediately exercise right to search individual(s) locker and/or desk and/or personal effects for evidence of gang involvement.

  2.Copies or photographs should be made of any evidence of gang membership or involvement, e.g. symbols, graffiti, etc. Additionally, any suspicious contraband is to be confiscated immediately.

  3.Implement appropriate disciplinary procedures and/or make contact with one (1) or more of the following:

   a.Youth gang agencies.

   b.Department of Human Services.

   c.Other appropriate personal and/or family counseling services. This referral may be predicated on parent/guardian(s') agreement to a Behavior Contract (see Form 5840B F1) which will specifically outline the conditions for the student's continued attendance at school.