Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


As indicated in Board of Education Policy 5531, the District is committed to providing students assistance in dealing with problems they encounter that affect their daily lives and impact negatively on their willingness and/or ability to learn.

District-Level Leadership

In order to ensure that assistance programs are properly planned and operate effectively, a committee to be known as the Britton Deerfield School District SAP Steering Committee will be established under the chairmanship of the principal.

The purpose of the SAP Steering Committee is to:

 A.determine the nature and scope of the District's involvement in Student Assistance Programs (SAPs) which may include but not be limited to the following "at-risk" situations:

  1.substance abuse

  2.pregnancy and other problems associated with sexual behavior

  3.alienation and other emotional difficulties

  4.dysfunctional behaviors that affect willingness or ability to learn

  5.reactions to suicide and other crisis situations

 B.develop an overall plan for its own operation, as well as for the SAPs using the planning guidelines described in AG 2252 and including provisions for obtaining community input and for review of each SAPs plan of action

 C.identify or review training needs of staff members and other resource people participating in a SAP

 D.establish a means for evaluating the effectiveness of each SAP

 E.establish procedures for maintaining effective oral/written communications

 F.ensure that proper and effective communication is maintained between the SAP Steering Committee and different SAPs, among the SAPs, and between the District and outside organizations and agencies that relate with the student assistance programs

The SAP Steering Committee will consist of the following:




 D.parents representatives

Criteria for Program Planning and Evaluation

The following criteria should be used in developing a plan for any SAP and for evaluating its effectiveness.

 A.Purpose of a SAP
  The assistance program focuses on a problem area(s) that is within the framework established by the SAP Steering Committee

 B.A SAP Plan
  utilizes the planning strategy described in AG 2252 and includes proper provision for:

  1.selection of participating staff members which reflects representation of all needed areas of expertise and student/school populations;

  2.clear, accurate description of each role and for the proper training of SAP members for each essential role;

  3.methods for identification and referral of students who need the type of assistance to be provided;

  4.procedures for proper assessment and diagnosis of student needs and for decision-making on intervention;

  5.intervention programs and/or activities, which, if implemented properly, can accomplish the purpose for which the SAP has been established;

  6.identification of necessary resources that do not exceed budgetary restraints;

  7.procedures which will ensure confidentiality of records (see AG 8330) and sanctity of parent/student rights (see AG 2411);

  8.communications with the SAP Steering Committee, other SAPs, and related outside organizations;

  9.a means for the SAP team to monitor its operating effectiveness and evaluate its results vis-a-vis its purpose.

 C.Training of a SAP Team

  1.provides for a series of training sessions conducted at regular intervals on topics directly related to achieving the SAP purpose

  2.conducted by resource people who can properly demonstrate the knowledge and model the behaviors expected of those being trained

  3.provides activities whereby participants can:

   a.ensure their understanding of relevant Board policies as well as District/Steering Committee guidelines

   b.practice and obtain feedback on the intervention practices contained in the SAP plan

   c.increase their understanding of the nature of the problems being experienced by the students

   d.improve their ability to recognize students who are behaving in ways that would indicate a possible "at-risk" situation


  1.a system for communicating that ensures easy access of:

   a.SAP leaders to Steering Committee/District leaders

   b.SAP team members to SAP leaders

   c.SAP team members in one location with those at other locations

   d.SAP leaders and team members to parents of participating students

   e.SAP leaders and team members to community resource people

  2.a "phone tree" arrangement to ensure effective contact between all participants when intervention is occurring

  3.a schedule of written communications to keep relevant parties informed on matters relating to the SAP and the overall District program

 E.Program Elements

  1.Identification of "At-Risk" Students
   identification methodologies selected and justified

  2.Internal Referral and Intervention

   a.Needed resource people and criteria for internal referral are clear, complete, and justified.

   b.Referral procedures to internal resource people are clear and complete.

   c.Internal resource people are identified based on their knowledge and skill in providing needed follow-up and/or support to the students and/or to staff members who work directly with the students in their educational program.

   d.Procedures are established to assist students in maintaining achievement of desired behaviors and attitudes while they continue to improve in those areas where expectations are not yet being realized.

   e.Review sessions are scheduled with SAP team members to assess outcomes, discuss problems, modify plans, and provide support.

  3.External Liaison
   Procedures are both adequate and appropriate for providing liaison between students participating in outside programs and the external resource people providing the programs.

  4.Student Support Groups

   a.Parents are to provide written, informed consent prior to student participation.

   b.Activities to build or refine skill in coping or in personal problem-solving are to be conducted by personnel with appropriate licenses or credentials.