Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Students may be called upon by teachers, activity sponsors and/or coaches to operate Board-owned motorized utility vehicles (e.g., golf carts or similar low-speed vehicles) in association with approved school activities. Before assigning students to operate motorized utility vehicles, teachers/activity sponsors/coaches shall communicate with the building principal to verify that (1) the Board’s insurance carrier has approved the students’ use of the motorized utility vehicle; (2) the students being asked to operate the motorized utility vehicle are at least sixteen(16) years old and licensed to drive a motor vehicle in the State of Michigan; and (3) the parents of student drivers have signed the requisite authorization. The training, in addition to general instruction for basic vehicle operation, must include the following:



Carts may not be operated in a manner that endangers passengers or other individuals.



Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way at all times.



Motorized utility vehicles shall not be operated in a manner that damages or is likely to damage Board property.



Drivers must observe the vehicle’s requisite passenger limit (only two (2) people allowed in two (2) person utility vehicles, and four (4) people allowed in four (4) person utility vehicles).



All motorized utility vehicles must have seat belts for the operator and each passenger, which must be used at all times. Occupants are required to remain seated and keep hands, arms, feet and legs inside the vehicle at all times.



Passengers are prohibited from standing on the rear of the utility vehicle.



The maximum speed of the motorized utility vehicle depends upon the terrain over which it is being driven; the weather conditions; and the total weight of the vehicle, passengers, and any equipment being carried. The vehicle should be operated at a speed equivalent to a quick walking pace. Operators must use extra care on hills, wet turf, loose surfaces, or rough terrain.



To avoid tipping, operators are required to drive slowly through turns and drive straight (and slowly) up and down slopes; they should not drive on the diagonal.



Motorized utility vehicles do not provide protection from lightning. Operators and passengers are cautioned to seek appropriate shelter if lightning occurs.



When the motorized utility vehicle is not in use, the operator must place it in "neutral" and remove the key.



Only utility vehicles with headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and windshields may be used after dark.



Cell phone use (talking, reading, texting, etc.) by the operator is prohibited while a motorized utility vehicle is in motion.



Joyriding and/or horseplay while operating the utility vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Approved 6/13/13

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