Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following procedure is to be followed if a student and/or his/her parents request a change in a grade assigned by a teacher.

 A.The teacher is to be contacted by the student or parent to discuss the reasons the grade should be changed. If the teacher concurs, the grade change is made by the teacher and the principal is notified of the change.

 B.If a teacher does not concur in the grade change, the student or parent may request a meeting with the principal. The principal shall arrange for the meeting which will include the teacher, the student and/or his/her parents, and the principal. If the student or parent requests an attorney be present, the District's attorney may also be in attendance. If the student and/or parent comes to the meeting with an attorney without previously informing the principal that their attorney would be present, the hearing shall be rescheduled to a date when the School District's attorney can also be present.

 C.The principal will chair the meeting and inform participants of the meeting guidelines:

  1.The student and/or parent will present reasons for the grade change.

  2.The teacher will present reasons for the continuance of the grade.

  3.The principal and attorneys (if present) may question both parties while both are in attendance.

  4.Upon completion of the questions, the meeting will recess while the principal (without the presence of the school attorney) deliberates.

  5.The principal will reconvene the meeting with all parties present and announce his/her decision.

 D.The principal's decision may be appealed to the Superintendent in accordance with the procedure described in Policy 9130.