Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The parent-teacher conference can play a significant role in the education of our students in three (3) important ways:

 A.providing the teacher with vital information from parents that will strengthen the plans and strategies the teacher uses with a student

 B.helping parents understand more clearly what the school and the teacher are trying to accomplish with a student, what is required for students to accomplish such results, and what the parent can do to facilitate the process

 C.building a strong home-school partnership that has implications for support of school programs beyond particular classroom or grade

The principal, in collaboration with the school staff should incorporate a parent-teacher conference plan as part of the educational plan that each building is to design and implement each year. Among the strategies contained in such a conference plan should be:

 A.providing opportunities for parents to ask questions regarding both the ends and the means and to suggest additions and modifications to both;

 B.ensuring that at any special conferences with parents, the parents leave with: or more action plans for helping their child which the teacher and parent have developed and agreed upon;

  2.a clear understanding of what progress reports and report cards will contain; how they should be interpreted and how they should be used by parents in supporting their child's learning efforts;

 C.correlating the first conference with subsequent conferences by linking observations, comments, suggestions, etc. to the learning ends and means discussed at the first conference.

The plan should also provide for communication to staff and parents regarding:

 A.the time schedule which includes the approximate length of the conferences and time of day (or night) conferences will be held;

 B.the procedure for release of students.