Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Reporting student progress serves many purposes, the most important of which is helping students and their parents understand how well the student is achieving program objectives and accomplishing the educational goals of the District.

To comply with Board of Education Policy 5420, the principal, in cooperation with the school's professional staff, is to prepare for the Superintendent's approval a plan for progress reporting that includes how: cards will be prepared, reviewed, and then delivered to parents;

 B.parent conferences will be conducted both in terms of logistics and methods for involving the parent in any problem-solving and decision-making that may be needed;

 C.follow-up will occur whenever a parent conference produces a plan of action for helping a student improve or maintain current performance.

Included in the plan should be a mechanism for ensuring that any written communication to the parents is concise, accurate, understandable, in proper grammatical form, and correctly spelled.