Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Transfer Out of the District

Upon notification by the parent that a student is transferring out of the District, the school shall use a procedure that ensures the items on the appropriate check-out Form 5130 F1, Form 5130 F2, or Form 5130 F3) are properly completed.

 A.A parent signs the necessary release forms and a copy is placed in the student's cumulative record.

 B.The student's name is taken off the class list, and a memo is sent to appropriate personnel notifying them of the transfer.

 C.The student's cumulative record is completed by teachers and counselors and sent to the principal.

 D.The principal arranges for the proper delivery of the student's records to the receiving school as specified in AG 8330.

 E.If the student transfers when school is not in session, the building principal shall complete the process as soon as possible.