Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Foreign exchange students are those who are entering the United States under an I-20 visa.

In all cases, enrollment of foreign exchange students will be processed by Superintendent. The Federal law mandates the following be completed prior to the student's admission signing the I-20 form:



The prospective student must be seeking admission to grades 9-12. No student is allowed to attend school in grades K-8.



The prospective student has made a written application to the school.



The written application, the student's transcripts or other records of courses taken, proof of financial responsibility for the student, and other supporting documents have been received, reviewed, and evaluated by the principal.



The principal (appropriate school authority) has determined that the prospective student's qualifications meet all standards for admission.



The Superintendent (official responsible for admission at the school) has accepted the prospective student for enrollment in a full course of study.



The student's current visa must be presented to the principal at the time the student requests an I-20 application.

Admission of foreign exchange students into the school will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Superintendent. Admission is generally limited to a maximum of twelve (12) months, in accordance with visa restrictions. Foreign exchange students who are already resident in the District will be admitted in accordance with the standards for admission of District residents.

Custody/Guardianship must be obtained by the person(s) with whom the foreign student is residing in accordance with State law providing resident status is established in accordance with State law, the student will be educated without additional tuition or charges, other than those legally charged to other resident students of the District.

The student's sponsor must obtain the student's visa, no application for a visa will be made by the District on behalf of a foreign student. The District will cooperate with providing necessary information for processing the application and complying with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

All foreign students must complete procedures for enrollment as early as possible during the semester prior to the semester they plan to enroll.

Foreign students who request enrollment in the District should demonstrate proficiency in the English language and have sufficient scholastic preparation to enable them to undertake a full course of study in the grade commensurate to their chronological age. Lack of English proficiency may be cause for revocation of initial approval for enrollment.

The sponsor must provide the following information to the principal.


- Student's name


- Date of birth


- Country of birth


- Country of citizenship


- Student's grade assignment


- Level of English proficiency


- Suggestion of core curriculum for the student

Foreign exchange students may enroll in an ESL class or ESL tutoring if there is a vacancy in that class. The ESL program is designed for resident students who must accumulate credits to graduate from our school system.

Foreign exchange students will be graded in the same manner as regular District students. If the student does not complete the requirements, s/he will not be given credit for the subject material.

Foreign exchange students are allowed to participate in all interscholastic sports providing they meet all the High School Athletic Association eligibility requirements.

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Pub., 3/17/06

Approved 5/09

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