Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The District shall use the following guidelines established by the USIA (United States Information Agency) and/or NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals) in selecting and enrolling all foreign-exchange students.

 A.Sponsoring Organizations
  Any of the organizations listed below are approved sponsoring organizations:

  1.American Field Service, International/Intercultural Programs;

  2.International Youth Exchange Program (Rotary International);

  3.any other nonprofit organization which can document approval by the (USIA) or (NASSP).

  Students living with a host family which resides within the District will be considered resident students for purposes of enrollment. Students not living with a host family within the District will be subject to the District's policies and procedures for admittance of non-resident students.
  Foreign exchange students enrolled in the District will be provided the Student Handbook and will be expected to comply with the same rules as other students.

  1.The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for the selection of students.

  2.The District recommends that foreign exchange students have sufficient knowledge of English to enable them to function in an English-speaking environment without the use of an interpreter.

  3.The District prefers that requests to enroll foreign exchange students be received by the District by no later than September 1st, to facilitate proper class scheduling.

  4.The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for the selection of the host family(s) and shall document, prior to enrollment, that a host family has been established. Otherwise enrollment will be processed under the non-resident student standards.

 C.Enrollment and Other Conditions

  1.The sponsor shall provide evidence of proper immunization (see AG 5320).

  2.The principal shall designate a member of the faculty or school administration as the student's advisor during his/her stay at the school. The advisor shall serve as the liaison between the school and host family, school and sponsor, student and student body, and the school and community.

Revised 3/09