Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following procedure is to be used when conducting a check of references submitted by an applicant:

 A.Prior to any investigation, the applicant is to sign a waiver and a release granting the District permission to contact any person listed as a reference as well as any other person who may be familiar with the applicant's previous job performance or suitability for employment.

 B.Review the references with the applicant to ensure that those submitted are people with whom the applicant has worked on a regular basis either in a job setting or an academic setting or both. Make sure the references have worked with the applicant within the last three (3) to five (5) years. Determine from the reference if other people who worked with the applicant are available to provide information concerning suitability for the job.

 C.Make telephone (not mail) contact with at least three (3) references particularly if there is discrepant information from the first two.

 D.Prior to contacting the reference, review AG 4120C regarding questions not to ask.

 E.Confine questions to the applicant's suitability for employment work performance, including interpersonal skills. Ask "would you hire ________________ again?" or "would you want to work with ________________ again?". Ask the reference to give specific examples of what the applicant did well and/or to rate the applicant on various aspects of the job for which the person is applying.

 F.Take notes of each reference contact, including time and date of the call and the reference's name and position. Maintain a written summary of the comments for later use.