Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

4111aCreating a Position
4111bVerification of Employment Eligibility
4120Employment of Support Staff
4120cPre-Employment Interview Questions
4120dChecking References of Applicants
4120.04Employment of Substitute Support Staff
4120.10Job Sharing
4121Criminal History Record Check
4121.01Criminal Conviction Review Process
4122Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
4123aSection 504/ADA - Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
4130Assignment and Transfer
4160aPhysical Examination
4160cEmergency Treatment and Board-Ordered Physical Examinations
4160dBus Driver Qualifications - Diabetes Exception
4162aAlcohol and Controlled Substance Testing
4162bHandling of Test Results, Record Retention, and Confidentiality
4170aSubstance Abuse
4211Whistleblower Protection
4231Outside Activities
4235Jury Duty/Court Appearance
4251Extra Duty
4281Personal Property of Staff Members
4362aReporting Threatening Behaviors
4419Employee Wellness Program
4419.01Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Health Plans
4421Federal Group Health Continuation (COBRA)
4421aImportant Notice of Employees Right to Documentation of Health Coverage
4430.01FMLA Leave
4430.01bFMLA Recordkeeping Requirements
4440aJob-Related Expenses
4440bUse of Private Car for School Business