Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


 A.The Industrial Medicine Clinic is hereby designated as the official location for emergency treatment and for physical examinations required by the Board of Education of the District.

 B.Appointments are needed.

 C.When the clinic determines that the staff member may return to work, they will advise the Personnel Office of the return date and restriction, if applicable.

 D.If a staff member is injured on-the-job, the accident must be reported within twenty-four (24) hours to the immediate supervisor who will, in turn, report the accident to the Superintendent.

 E.The Superintendent will inform the insurance carrier, according to the guidelines, of any Workers' Compensation claims.

 F.When an injured staff member leaves the District, the supervisor will inform the Superintendent.

 G.The results of all required medical examinations shall be made known to the Superintendent on a confidential basis, discussed with the candidate, and made a part of his/her personnel record. In the event of an unsatisfactory report, the Superintendent shall base any recommendation for nonemployment upon a conference with the physician and/or upon applicable Federal and State guidelines regarding the employment and accommodation of those with disabilities.
  Information from examinations required of any employee will be handled in the same manner.