Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The District requires that each professional staff member complete the school year for which s/he has contracted. Any request for early release from responsibilities should be made to the principal as early as possible giving full particulars. A decision will be based on the impact on the students and the operation of the school relative to the need of the professional staff member.

If a professional staff member is granted early release, his/her salary will reflect days worked only. Pay deductions shall be based on a prorated amount of the annual salary for each day not worked. Fringe benefits and vacation days shall also be adjusted on a prorated basis.

It is important to note that mere willingness to lose pay does not permit one to be absent arbitrarily. Early release will only be granted when the interests of the District are not seriously jeopardized.

The same provisions shall apply when a staff member desires to start work at a date later than the contracted date.