Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines

3120.10 - JOB SHARING

The District will provide the opportunity for a job-sharing by two (2) staff members under the following conditions.

 A.By sharing a full-time position, two (2) staff members receive fifty percent (50%) of their regular full-time salary for the appropriate step on the salary schedule.

 B.Benefits will be pro-rated for half-time service, to the extent permitted by the carrier.

 C.Staff members must have agreed voluntarily, and in writing, to work together. Two (2) staff members who wish to be considered for sharing a job are to submit to the principal, the following information:

  1.A description of how the responsibilities specified in the job description would be divided.

  2.Confirmation that other responsibilities, such as staff meetings, conferences, in-service training, etc. would be met by both staff members.

  3.A description of what plan would be used for staff member evaluation and proper communication with affected parties.

  4.A description of the process which would be used for communicating with supervisors and other staff members throughout the year.

  5.A description of how the job-sharing of a teaching position would be introduced to the students so as to provide for consistent classroom procedures, expectations, and discipline.

  6.An arrangement whereby the job-sharing partner will cover, when possible, for the other at the per diem, substitute rate when absences occur.

 D.All requests for a job-sharing assignment must first be submitted to the building principal for review by April 1st for the following school year. The principal will forward the plan to the Superintendent, who will review all plans prior to the granting of final approval.

 E.The District's commitment to any job-sharing arrangement is limited to one (1) year with authority given to the principal to renew the arrangement if all conditions are being met satisfactorily and evaluation confirms that the expected results from job performance are meeting expectations. If a staff member wishes to return to a full-time position for the following school year, a request is to be submitted to his/her principal by no later than April 1st of the current school year. Staff members requesting a return to a full-time position will have full return rights, provided there is a position available for which the staff member is certified and qualified.

All requests for a job-sharing assignment must also be submitted to the bargaining unit representative, who will have an opportunity to present any concerns about the job share assignment's adverse impact under the collective bargaining agreement.

No job share will be permitted if it will, in any way, adversely impact or affect the seniority, layoff, or recall rights of another bargaining unit member including those on layoff. Failure of an affected bargaining unit member or the Union to waive such rights will nullify the proposed job share.