Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The secondary principal, working with his/her staff, is to see that each student has a portfolio containing evidence of what the student has learned in each component of the District's core curriculum.

Each student's portfolio shall contain:

 A.a record of the student's annual academic and nonacademic plans s/he intends to follow;

 B.a record of academic achievements including transcripts, results on the Michigan Education Assessment Program, the Michigan Merit Exam, and/or other normed achievement tests given by the school;

 C.a record of career-preparation plans including school-sponsored vocational-technical training, explorations of career or postsecondary education opportunities, preparations for job seeking, actual job experience, problem-solving experience, and lifelong-learning experiences;

 D.a record of accomplishments and recognitions including other nonacademic competencies, awards, and certificates.

Each student or his/her parents are responsible for submitting records of any nonschool activities.

The portfolio is to be cumulative beginning with the student's entry into the eighth grade and is to be transferred to the student's teacher(s) each succeeding school year and to the principal of the next school the student will be attending.

The portfolio shall be considered a student record governed by the FERPA but shall be given to the student upon graduation or upon leaving the District.

Revised 6/06

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