Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Libraries and media centers have been established primarily to enrich the education of students and to help them learn how to make effective use of reference and enrichment materials. The cost of such centers can only be justified when the following conditions exist:

 A.The centers are open and available to students for as much of the school day as staffing and program make possible.

 B.The environment within the centers is inviting, attractive, and conducive to thought and study.

 C.Staff members communicate their willingness to assist students in locating the resources they seek and to instruct them in the proper use of the reference and retrieval systems.

 D.Courses of study are designed so that use of the resources that exist in the centers are an essential means for achieving the learning objectives in the course.

 E.Part of the evaluation of what students have learned in a course should be growth in the skills associated with using learning resources such as those that exist in the libraries and media centers.