Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


In accordance with the policies of the Board of Education for selection of resource materials, the following guidelines should be followed:

 A.Criteria for Selection of Instructional Materials

  1.technical quality of the publication/production

  2.readability and appeal to students


  4.completeness, accuracy, clarity

  5.absence of gender stereotyping and racial or ethnic bias

  6.reputation and significance of the author, artist, composer, and/or producer

  7.format and price

  8.relationship to a course of study

  9.extent to which the scope/content of the material makes it possible for students to accomplish the objectives and goals of the program

  10.appropriateness of the content and/or presentation relative to the maturity and/or comprehension level of the students

  11.needs of an individual school program based on requests from administrators and teachers

  12.needs of individual students based on requests by teachers, parents, or students

 B.Criteria for Selection of Equipment
  The evaluation and selection criteria for instructional equipment should include:

  1.relevance to the school curriculum;

  2.needs of staff and/or students;

  3.technical quality;



  6.ease of repair and maintenance;

  7.compatibility with existing District equipment, when applicable.

 C.Procedure for Selection of Instructional Resources

  1.Each principal shall select members of the staff who are directly involved in the program for which the materials and/or equipment will be used. Their responsibility is to review and evaluate suggested resources, using the criteria listed on page 1, and make recommendations to the principal.

  2.The principal shall review the recommendations and, if necessary the materials and equipment, and submit the recommendations to the Superintendent.

  3.The Superintendent will then review the recommendations, and either refer them back to the principal or approve their use.

 D.Procedure for Selection of Library or Media Center Materials

  1.The principal shall be responsible for the selection of all materials housed in a library or media center. Upon notification of the availability of funds for the purchase of such resource materials, the appropriate staff will prepare a request form which includes the amount of money available to a grade level or subject area for new or additional materials. Instructional staff are to submit a prioritized request list of the materials they would find most useful.

  2.The principal shall then determine which of the requests can be accommodated and proceed to review the selections prior to purchase. The selection criteria are the same as those used for the selection of basic text materials. (see AG 2510)

  3.Any material that contains content or a manner of presentation that could be controversial, as defined in Policy 2240 and criterion #4 in Form 2521 F1, should be approved by the principal prior to purchase.

 E.Procedure for Use of Nondistrict Materials

  1.No print, audio, video, or graphic materials which are not part of the District's basic or supplementary materials are to be used with students without prior review and approval. Such review should be done, using Form 2521 F1, first by the teacher(s) or counselor(s) who wish to use the material.

  2.The critical criteria by which such materials are to be reviewed are:

   a.relationship to the course of study;

   b.the uniqueness of the content and/or presentation that is not adequately provided in District materials;

   c.the appropriateness of the content and/or presentation for the maturity and comprehension levels of the students;

   d.the extent to which the content or presentation could create controversy among students, parents, and community groups.

  3.Each of the four criteria are to be rated according to the rating scale on Form 2521 F1. In any situation in which the teacher has rated any of the four criteria 3 or 4, the use of the material must be approved by the principal. If there is any concern on the part of the principal that the material might be inappropriate, s/he should personally review the materials, and if still uncertain, contact the Superintendent.

  4.Any material that contains content or a manner of presentation that could be controversial, as defined in Policy 2240 and criterion #4 in Form 2521 F1, should be approved by the principal prior to purchase.

Each member of the faculty is to receive a copy of Form 2521 F1 for use as a reference. The form should be submitted to the principal only at his/her discretion.