Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


In order to maintain an effective program of interscholastic athletics, the District employs an athletic director and coaches who, in cooperation with the high school principal, are to fulfill the responsibilities described below.


The Senior High School Principal shall: held ultimately responsible in all matters pertaining to interscholastic athletic activities;

 B.fulfill all duties and responsibilities as they pertain to interscholastic athletics as prescribed by the High School Athletic Association and the Board of Education;

 C.oversee all ticket sales and the handling of ticket revenue;

 D.prepare financial reports of all revenues and expenditures for all athletic contests;

 E.keep a record available at all times regarding the latest up-to-date information on the eligibility of the current season sports squads including cheerleaders and team managers;

 F.recommend a member of his/her faculty to act as sponsor for high school cheerleaders;

 G.handle matters pertaining to insurance and processing of medical claims at the high school.

The Director of Athletics shall: and coordinate all activities of the Department of Athletics and be directly responsible to the Principal;

 B.together with the principal, approve all athletic contests before they are contracted;

 C.prepare the total athletic budget for the District and present it to the Superintendent for formal adoption;

 D.ascertain that all rules and regulations of the High School Athletic Association are upheld and enforced;

 E.strive to promote good public relations with the general public, news media, opponents' schools, civic organizations, and booster clubs; a team physician for attendance at football and basketball games and arrange for ambulance service at football games;

 G.arrange for the transportation and meals of all District athletic teams;

 H.check the readiness of all facilities for teams and spectators prior to game time;

 I.coordinate the planning of such events as athletic assemblies, Parents Night, Homecoming, Banquets, Booster Club Activities, etc. and clear them with the principal;

 J.prepare all game contracts, specifying the date, time, and location;

 K.sign all game contracts and keep them on file in the Athletic Director's Office;

 L.make arrangements for physical examinations for candidates for athletic squads, after checking with the head coach;

 M.employ and pay all contest officials and personnel involved in operating the contest;

 N.issue all passes and complimentary tickets;

 O.regulate the use of the press box and the public address system;

 P.set up the flag raising ceremony and the playing of the National Anthem;

 Q.reconfirm the athletic contest, one (1) week prior to the game date, with the visiting school and game officials;

 R.make arrangements for emergency medical care; responsible for regulations concerning visiting scouts;

 T.arrange for the ordering and the presentation of letters and other athletic awards;

 U.handle all matters pertaining to radio broadcasts;

 V.present the Council with complete information relative to changes in schedules;

 W.arrange for reconditioning of athletic equipment.

The Head Coach shall: responsible for all matters relating to the organization and administration of the team under his/her direction;

 B.enforce all rules of the High School Athletic Association related to his/her sport;

 C.assign duties to equipment managers and assistant coaches and evaluate their performance;

 D.plan all practice sessions;

 E.prepare public information releases regarding his/her sport;

 F.assist in planning special events such as Assemblies, Parents Night, Homecoming, Banquets, etc;

 G.maintain an accurate and current squad roster and submit copies to the Athletic Director;

 H.cooperate with the athletic director in setting up physical examination schedules and verify that no candidate is issued equipment or allowed to practice until his/her examination card has been completed and his/her insurance coverage is in effect;

 I.assign at least one (1) coach to be with the squad at all times and to supervise the locker room until all squad members have left the building;

 J.assign at least one (1) coach to ensure that all windows, doors, and gates are locked in any area that has been used;

 K.prepare a detailed equipment and supply request and submit it to the Athletic Director;

 L.arrange for the presentation of team awards through the Athletic Director;

 M.recommend teams that may be scheduled and officials to be employed;

 N.enforce rules and regulations concerning conditioning of players and their health and safety; injuries to the Athletic Trainer.

Coaches should exercise great care in dealing with all injuries and particularly those that are of a serious nature. In all cases, the coach should assure that the injured athlete is receiving competent medical care. Following injuries of a serious or prolonged nature, the coach should secure the signed approval of the doctor and parent before the athlete is allowed to participate again in athletic activities.

The Assistant Coach (includes Varsity Assistants, Reserve, Freshman, and Junior High Coaches) shall: the head coach in the conduct of his/her particular sport and the total athletic program;

 B.fulfill all responsibilities assigned by the head coach; prepared to assume the responsibility of the head coach, if and when necessary.