Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


If a summer camp/program is related to a curricular or extra-curricular offering of the District, all relevant policies and guidelines of the District will be applicable, including the following.

Policy 3121 - Criminal History Record Check

All people who may have care, control, or custody of the students have been cleared through the State police.

Policy 3213 - Student Supervision and Welfare

Proper supervision of students at all times in accordance with this policy should be an essential aspect of each staff member's responsibilities.

AG 2340B or AG 2340C - Nonfield Trips and Overnight Trips

If participating students will be involved in day trips or overnight trips while attending the summer camp or program, the conditions established in these guidelines should be adhered to, especially written parental consent.

Policy 5517/AG 5517 - Student Harassment

The summer camp or program should ensure that it has the harassment-protection procedures in place and they have been communicated to all staff and participants.

Policy 5530/AG 5530 - Drug Prevention

There should be a strict policy communicated to students prohibiting possession, use, and distribution of any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia.


All funds associated with the summer camp/program are to be managed by the Business Office in accordance with District guidelines.


If a summer camp/program is not District-related, the following guidelines will apply.


Any staff member who manages or is a participant in the camp/program must confer with the principal prior to talking with any student on District property about participation in the activity. The conditions described in AG 2340D -Nondistrict-Sponsored Trips will apply.

Under no circumstances is a student to be told that his/her chances to participate in a District program will be influenced by if or how well s/he participates in the summer camp/program.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

Prior to allowing a staff member to talk with District students about participation, the District will require that the student's parents receive a copy of Form 2430A F1 -Disclaimer of Responsibility.

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