Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


These guidelines have been established to facilitate implementation of the Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Program.

A Confirmation Checklist (Form 2413 F2/Form 2414 F2) has been developed which is based on the Michigan Department of Education's recommendations and is designed to ensure that the program is implemented properly and minimizes concern by parents or other interested parties.

Each principal should use the Checklist in working with the school staff at the beginning of each school year. Once the program has been started, a copy of the completed confirmation should be sent to the Superintendent's office and the original should be maintained in the school office.

Any parent who wishes to exercise the option to have his/her child not participate in a particular class should be allowed to do so, but the principal or teacher should attempt to meet with the parent to discuss the nature of his/her concern and to reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

In the event of a complaint about the health program, the person or party should be made aware of the Board's complaint procedure described in Policy 9130. This policy is available at both the Superintendent's office and the office of each school. Any such complaint is most likely to concern the program itself or its implementation rather than the particular person teaching the program. Therefore, as the policy indicates, the complaint is to be handled by the school's principal and not by a teacher. Be sure the complainant receives a copy of the procedure either through the mail or by coming to the office. Complaints that originate at the central office are to be handled in the same manner.

The principal is to make sure the materials are available and that any complaint is focussed on a particular topic or type of activity rather than on general reactions.