Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Alternative Credit Options

In addition to regular classroom-based instruction, students may earn credit through virtual/online courses.

High school students may earn a maximum of eight (8) units of credit to be applied toward graduation requirements by completing online courses. A maximum of two (2) units of credit may be earned during any one (1) school year.

Credit for an online or virtual course may be earned only in the following circumstances:

 A.The course is not offered through the high school.

 B.Although the course is offered at the high school, the student is unable to take it due to scheduling conflicts.

 C.The course will serve as a supplement to summer school and extended homebound instruction.

 D.The student has been expelled from the regular high school setting, but educational services are to be continued.

 E.The principal, with the agreement of the student and his/her parent(s) determined that the student requires a differentiated or accelerated learning environment.

 F.Students taking such courses must be enrolled in the District.

The express approval of the principal shall be obtained before a student enrolls in a virtual/online course for credit. Each virtual/online student approved for such study shall be assigned a mentor teacher responsible for supervision and monitoring. The school must receive an official record of the final grade before credit toward graduation will be granted. Completion of any virtual/online course offering must not exceed twelve (12) months from the beginning date of the course.

The tuition fee for an approved virtual course shall be borne by the District for students enrolled full-time. The District may pay the fee for expelled students who are permitted to take virtual courses in alternative settings. Individual students shall be responsible for costs associated with summer school courses and/or courses not pre-approved by the principal.

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