Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Each chaperone of a field or other District-sponsored trip is to be provided with a copy of the following guidelines for fulfilling his/her responsibility.



Students are to be made aware that the regular bus rules will apply for the trip. Since some of the students may not be regular bus riders, the rules should be reviewed with the group prior to departure.



The trip leader or designated staff member is responsible for student behavior while on the bus.



The driver is responsible for the bus and has ultimate authority over routes and operations. If s/he deems that conditions constitute a safety hazard, the driver has the authority not to proceed.



If any discipline problems develop while on the trip, the problems are to be reported to the appropriate principal as soon as feasible.



The trip leader should:



review with the bus driver the destination and route;


If there is any question about the route, it should be resolved prior to departure so there is no confusion in communication during the trip. The driver has the final decision on the route.



make sure the emergency medical forms are on the bus in the possession of a designated person;



introduce chaperones to the driver prior to the trip and review the District's policies and guidelines on discipline (including corporal punishment) prior to the trip;



assist the driver in enforcing the rules of the bus and the rules and directions for the trip;



when necessary or requested by the driver, place himself/herself and any chaperones strategically in the middle and rear portions of the bus;



conduct a head-count each time there is an unloading and reloading of passengers to ensure no one is left behind;



when the bus returns to the District, make sure all students have proper rides home and have left the school before considering the trip to be completed.